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How to set up a VPN on your Samsung Smartphone

Don’t you know how to set up your Samsung VPN connection on your Android device? You found the correct place. This tutorial will help you how to set up a VPN on any Samsung Smartphone step by step.

It will be so easy, but you have to pay attention carefully. Here we go.

Open the Samsung VPN settings from the menu

Android settings icon

Find your network connections

Tap on “More connection settings” or “More networks“. Depends on your Android Samsung version but your menu should look like one of the pictures below.

Settings menu
Android network settings

Tap on VPN

The next step is to tap on VPN on the connection setting’s menu.

More Network settings

Add a new VPN Connection

Tap on the plus (+) button. Mind that sometimes could be a “More” button on that place.

Plus ( + ) button

Set up your connection details

Fill the fields with your VPN provider information. If you don’t know how to fill these fields, contact with your provider.

They must give you at least:

  • Server address and sometimes the port
  • Username
  • Password
VPN connection settings

As a result, you set up your VPN connection your Samsung’s device correctly. If you have any other query please feel free to use comments below as well as the contact form.

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This tutorial was made following this Samsung guide

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