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DON’T TRY TO CONFIGURE A VPN IN CHROME. You won’t be able to do it since Chrome is an application made to work beyond an Operating System.

VPNs are made to run inside an operating system

In Short, why you can’t set up a VPN for Chrome?

Chrome is an app which is run by an operating system (mostly Windows) and VPNs make all the internet connections to follow another way to reach the Internet.

Would you imagine setting up a VPN for firefox at the same time than other for Chrome? and also for Word? and Excel?

Wouldn’t be much better set it up at OS level? That’s is a VPN that makes all your connections, regardless of the application, connect to the Internet changing your public IP address. You can also configure a VPN in your Android smartphone because it works at Operating System level.

Do you want to hide your real IP browsing the Internet?

What you need is a PROXY, not a VPN. A Proxy makes all the internet connections of an application (Chrome ;=) for example) to reach the Internet in another way. As a example, you can see the following image

Chrome connected by a proxy

Your Chrome is able to change the IP address thank you to the proxy server. Every request made by chrome goes to the proxy and redirected to the Internet. As you can guess, the request goes back to the proxy and redirected back to your Chrome.

How to set a proxy in Google Chrome

There are 2 ways to configure a proxy, use the OS proxy configuration or use an extension for Chrome.

  • OS proxy configuration

Open Chrome’s menu by clicking on the 3 dots and press the settings option.

Scroll down until the end and click on “advanced”

Keep scrolling almost until the end and find out the “proxy settings”

Click on LAN settings

Tap on use a proxy server for your LAN… and configure your proxy settings. Your proxy provider must give you all these settings

  • Extension

I personally recommend you use Proxy SwitchyOmega. I have been using it for more than 4 years and it works amazingly great. You can install it following the previous link

Allow installing the extension

After installing it, you will see the following screen. You can follow the tutorial to get advanced knowledge. Whether or not, follow to the next image.

Proxy SwitchyOmega have many configuration options, but the basic one is to choose the protocol of the proxy, most of them are HTTP or HTTPS, the lock allows you to configure the user and password of your proxy. As well you can have many profiles configured and switch between them using the icon on the top bar.

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