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How to set up a VPN on Android Phone

Quick 5 steps guide how to set up your VPN on your Android Smartphone. If your phone is listed here you can follow the specific tutorial.

Each make does customizations over the Android base. But… wait, we made tutorials for the top-selling makes.

Isn’t phone make listed here? Don’t worry, probably you can read any of the previous guides or follow this tutorial to get an approximate idea to do it. Isn’t still enough? Write on the comments area and we will make our best effort to make a tutorial to set up your VPN on your android phone. Here is a general tutorial, we will show you how to set up your VPN on an Android device.

Open your settings panel.

Open the menu and find your settings icon. Sometimes it can be on the top right of the notifications bar.

Open the settings from the menu

Find out where is your network connections.

Sometimes it could be called Networks or Connections and it should be at the beginning of the list or in a tab and tap on more.

Tap on more in the networks list

Follow by tapping on VPN.

Tap on VPN in the list

Once you find your connections.

Tap on VPN and Add a new VPN Connection

Probably 99,9% of the android devices have exactly this screen.

On the top right you will have a plus (+) button. Tap on it.

In this screen you should see all your VPN Connections

Fill the fields with the info provided by your online VPN service

  • Chose a name for your VPN connection, it is just a name or alias to identify each VPN connection.
  • Set your IPSec pre-shared key. Your provider must give you this key.
  • Set your username and password, as well as before, your VPN provider must give you this info.
Set up your VPN Connection filling the fields

That’s all,

Tap on your VPN connection and connect.

As we promised earlier, it is 5 simple steps only to set up a VPN on your android smartphone.

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